H.R. 1105 Clears the Senate: We Have Ourselves an Appropriations Bill

After a grueling day of rejecting Republican amendments, the Senate passed H.R. 1105 (the omnibus appropriations bill). President Obama has declared he will sign the bill.

The vote followed the rejection of six Republican amendments, which would have forced the bill to a conference committee and another vote in the House of Representatives.

In a speech before the 62-35 cloture vote, which cut off debate and moved to a voice vote on passage, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev. said the Senate would focus on nominations for the rest of the week as well devote time to floor speeches. He pledged to work on creating a better feeling on the Senate floor among members, apologizing for the way consideration of the bill had gone.

Reid also said he would no longer push to cut off debate on bills just because he had a one or two vote margin. Instead, he would try to listen more to input from the other side.