Transportation Secretary LaHood says cellphones and driving don’t mix

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says that he plans federal action to combat texting and other sources of distracted driving, which he calls a ‘menace to society.’

By Alexander C. Hart
September 30, 2009
Reporting from Washington

In 2008, Linda Doyle was killed at an Oklahoma intersection when another driver — who was using a cellphone — ran a red light and struck her car.

On Monday, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told more than 200 people participating in a meeting on the dangers of distracted driving that he intended to take federal action to combat this “menace to society.”

“Every single time you take your eyes off the road or talk on the phone while you’re driving, even for just a few seconds, you put your life in danger, and you put others in danger too,” LaHood said. “This kind of behavior is irresponsible, and the consequences are devastating.”

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